Be the missing puzzle piece! 2017

Many thanks to each of you for attending our annual event in commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day! Thank you for this success! Your participation meant a lot to us. Thanks to you and to the proceeds from this event we will be able to support more children this year in the Los Cabos area with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Special thanks to the sponsors of the event:Aprender Jugando (Centro Educativo, Terapéutico y de Estimulación S.C.), Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Kou’Kula, Cabo Equinoterapia Hossana A.C., Centro de Atención Múltiple Dra. Margarita Gómez Palacio Múñoz, Carlos Aboyo Fotografía, DIF Los Cabos, Municipio de Los Cabos, Fundación Solmar, International Community Foundation, Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and Fundación Questro.

Lets all help change attitudes towards people with autism and recognize their rights as citizens, who, like everyone else, have the right to claim those rights and make decisions about their lives according to their own desires and preferences.

Take a look at the photo gallery and video (Credits for the video: Carlos Aboyo):